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Equipment pneumatic system components cylinder


Cylinder is one of the main components of pneumatic drive. It can be divided into single-acting cylinder and double-acting cylinder according to the mode of action. Single-acting cylinder means that the movement of the piston rod in one direction of the cylinder is driven by compressed air. The movement in the other direction is driven by a spring to reset. The double-acting cylinder is a cylinder driven by compressed air in both directions of the piston rod. The cylinder can be divided into three categories according to its movement mode: linear movement cylinder, rotary cylinder and air claw. The linear motion cylinder drives the actuator for linear reciprocating motion; the rotary cylinder drives the actuator for rotary reciprocating motion; the air claw drives the actuator for opening and closing motion, which is mainly used for grasping and clamping of workpieces or products.. According to ordinary circles Cylinders, waterproof cylinders, and clean cylinders can be divided into ordinary cylinders, waterproof cylinders and clean cylinders. Common gas cylinders are suitable for general working environment; waterproof gas cylinders are suitable for environments with water mist and certain humidity; clean gas cylinders are mainly used Working environment in a clean room.



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